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Data Privacy

Are we listening to your conversations? Are we spying on you? What are we doing with your data? Don't worry: your information is safe. Here are some measures we take to protect your identity and ensure privacy in Edsight:


Your data is stored in our secure servers and is never shared with any other third party. That means we will never show your survey results to a for-profit company or to your boss. However, we might use your anonymized data for purely academic purposes (yeah, we are researchers, remember that?).


Anyone who responds a survey - be it student, teacher, or PD facilitator - will always have their name hidden from you. This means we protect the identity and privacy of all survey respondents by design. This feature cannot be changed by Edsight users.


Edsight was created and is maintained by a group of researchers at various universities across the United States. Our main academic focus is to explore how the design and conditions of data-use can improve data interpretations and enhance teaching, learning, and education improvement. That said, your data on Edsight (survey data and your interaction with the platform) might be used for purely academic and non-commercial purposes. Don't worry: we'll never reveal your name or any information related to you, your work, or survey respondents connect to you. 

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