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Edsight for groups

Edsight works best when educators collaborate. This is why you know you can bring your whole group into our platform. Think about bringing your whole school, organization, PD group, or district into Edsight, so that every member can reflect and grow together.

Bulk Account

Large crew? We got you: our team will create accounts for all users in your team.

IT Integration

So the IT department needs to have a chat with us, huh? Don't worry and send them in.


What? Where? When? We'll welcome you you a complete training program.


Yes, you heard it right: you can have a if you need (and want) it.


Burning questions? Something not looking right? Don't worry: we're here for you.


Need us to host your data in our servers? Just tell us and we'll arrange it for you.

Contact us for pricing and conditions

Every need is unique. Let's talk and decide together how Edsight might support your group.
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