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Administering a Survey

After creating a survey, it's time to administer it to your students or professional development colleaguesJust get the URL (aka link) generated by Edsight and sent it to your respondents. But remember: each link corresponds to a different survey event. For example, if you want to survey 6th grade Math students on a specific day, create and share a link that is created specifically to this event. Do not use past, older links to gather new data.

Where do I find the survey link?

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On your personal workspace, you find all surveys, past and scheduled, with their respective link. Just pick your next survey, copy the link and send it to your respondents. Results will be accessible via the same screen.

What should I tell my students?

Here's a suggestion for how to introduce classroom-focused measures

Questions you might ask

When should I administer the classroom measures? 


We recommend that the RIGOR measure be used to guide the selection of the mathematics task(s). We recommend that the LAUNCH measure is administered immediately after the teacher launches the task. It is not recommended to administer the LAUNCH at the end of the lesson or the next day. We recommend that the WCD and SGW measures are administered at the end of class when there was a whole class discussion or small group discussion. We do not recommend administering these measures the next day. We have evidence that some students have difficulty in recalling the lesson from the previous day. If the whole class discussion occurs in the middle of a class period, teachers may decide to administer it immediately after or at the end of the lesson. However, we recommend that teachers prompt students to think back to the whole class discussion.


How many students should complete the classroom measure for each administration?


Given that the classroom measures were designed to be aggregated at the classroom level, we recommend as many students as possible complete the classroom measure at each administration. For comparability across administrations, we recommend that as many of the same students complete the classroom measure on each administration. For example, if there are 20 students in one section/period of your math class, we recommend that as many of those 20 students complete the classroom measure at each administration so that you can more confidently compare responses across different administrations.


Should the same students complete the survey on multiple administrations?


Yes. We recommend that as many of the same students complete the survey on multiple administrations. We realize that students may be absent or not available for all administrations of the survey, but try to gather student responses from as many of the same students on multiple administrations as possible. This will give you greater confidence in comparing student responses from one administration to another.


Do you recommend administering the classroom measure to students in different classes (e.g., same teacher in different periods or sections)?


Yes. We recommend administering the classroom measure to multiple periods if it is tied to the focus of your instructional improvement work. For example, if you are working on improving the launch of rigorous tasks, you might administer the same task to multiple periods/sections. You might modify the ways in which the task is launched in different periods/sections and then compare student responses to the LAUNCH.


Is it ok to just administer a few of the items in which we are particularly interested in?


We recommend administering the entire survey because student responses to all of the items may help you to contextualize or interpret student responses to the items of particular interest. However, if you are working on a particular aspect of whole class discussions and only have time to administer the relevant items, you should do what makes sense for your improvement efforts.


To help me schedule the administration, how many minutes should I anticipate?


Please ensure at least 5 minutes at the end of class to administer the WCD or SGW; or 5 minutes immediately after the teacher has launched the task to administer the LAUNCH.  It typically takes students 1-2 minutes to complete the classroom measures. However, plan for a few extra minutes given the use of online classroom measures (to allow for students to login to computers/iPads and navigate to the link to complete the appropriate classroom measure); or to hand out and collect paper copies of the classroom measure.

How do I administer the classroom measure to my students?


Here is a suggested way to introduce the classroom measure to your students.


What should I do when students are completing the classroom measure?


We recommend that you be available to answer any questions students might have about the classroom measure. However, we also recommend that you do not view student responses to the classroom measure while they are completing the classroom measure or do not encourage students to respond to the measure in a particular way. We encourage teachers to remind students that the purpose of the classroom measure is to improve teaching and learning and not for evaluation or accountability purposes.


​​Can I answer questions from students about the classroom measures?


Yes. We have pilot tested the classroom measures in many different classrooms and conducted one-on-one interviews with students about their understanding of the classroom measure items. We hope that the items on the classroom measures make sense to your students. If not, please feel free to clarify or answer any questions students might have about the classroom measure items.

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