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Instructional decisions informed by data.

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Wait. Did we mention the elegant data visualizations in a simple to use platform?

Edsight is a free visual analytics platform designed to spur insight, learning, and decision-making for teachers and professional development facilitators. Edsight works with five practical measures developed and tested by researchers and educators.

By keeping track and diving deeper into various aspects of your practice, Edsight allows you to enhance your teaching and professional development practices.

How it works

1. Start by setting a goal: what aspects of your practice as an educator would you like to improve? Is it how you conduct class discussions or how you collaborate in professional development sessions?

2. Choose how to measure your progress: Edsight works with 5 practical measures that assess your classroom or professional development practice.

3. Send out short surveys: depending on the measure you chose, Edsight will generate a short survey link that you can send to your students or colleagues.

4. Boom! After everyone responds to your survey, results will be automatically available on your Edsight workspace. Now you can reflect about your goals based on real-world data.

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Actionable insights

Edsight generates data visualizations directly connected to your practice.

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Edsight works with 5 practical measures developed by researchers and practitioners.

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All surveys are stored in your workspace so that you can keep track of your progress.

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and Safety

Your data is protected with us and is never shared with school or district admins.

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A dynamic dashboard

Analyze your data based on courses, grades, or even aspects of your practice.

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More features

on the way

With the help of teachers and facilitators, we are adding more features soon!

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Researchers and educators working hand to hand.

Edsight was created through a long term partnership between six US universities and four school districts. Teachers, instructional coaches, district administrators, designers, and professors have been striving to refine the platform and our suite of practical measures.

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